I will use my voice
It is with great excitement and a sense of trepidation that I launch my website.  

I am excited to share my growing collection and hopefully my ongoing maturity as a writer with you. However, I am apprehensive through the prospect of opening up the truest parts of me.  



 I think I have been fighting this urge to write for a long time. There are those voices we all hear, telling us all the reasons why we should not try. The voices that surround you as you stare paralysed at a blank page and feel a part of you dying.  

The problem with writing is not in opening up and letting these parts of you escape into the world as living dreams, but by opening yourself up you to let the world come in. I think this was my fear.  

I am before you now because I found my muse. It seems archaic to be speaking of a muse, but I can describe it no other way. It is this muse that feeds this need to connect with like-minded people.  

I offer these truest parts of me to hopefully encourage others to do the same, and hope that when they do so, they experience the most honest parts of themselves.  

This site is for artists and lovers; for those feeling alone and gripped by sadness. This site is a form of resistance against the forces both within and without that keep us away from our true, angelic nature. 

I offer my voice as resistance against the things that are wrong with the world by offering all that is right about humans, where hopefully we can offer the truest parts of ourselves, for to do otherwise, I would hold my life in forfeit. 

I will use my voice. As I hope you too will.